Taxation Made Easy for Medical Doctors

by Estelita C. Aguirre, CPA, MM

Course Description

This course is for medical professionals who would like to know more about taxation and BIR regulations. It is a simplified taxation course designed for the busy clinician who has limited background but needs to apply taxation and BIR regulations for their everyday practice.

Course Outline

If you want to get the worry out of your way when it comes to your taxes… this is for you! The module Taxation Made Easy for Medical Doctors designed so

  • You can learn taxation in a way that is easy to understand
  • You have specific examples on tax issues of doctors in various situations
  • You avoid confusion on forms and documents to use
  • You can avoid unnecessary fines
  • You can be updated on the new provisions of tax laws

Taxation for Medical Practitioners
(As Amended by RA 10963 – TRAIN Law)
1.  Classification of Medical Practitioners (MPs)
2.  Income Taxation
3.  Withholding Taxes
4.  Business Taxation
5.  Registration of MPs
6.  Issuance of Official Receipt
7. Keeping of Books of Accounts of MPs
8.  Interest, Surcharges and Penalties

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Estelita C. Aguirre, CPA, MM

President, Asian institute of Taxation 

Dean Aguirre is a 10th placer in the CPA Licensure Examination, engaged in tax consultancy and a Continuing Professional Development Resource person in taxation on Training Designs on Taxation accredited by the Professional Regulations Commission.

She was a Professorial Lecturer in Taxation at the University of the Philippines where she received a Teaching Excellence Award in 2012, for having handled batches of students who passed the CPA Licensure Exams with a batting average of 100% for several years.

She is a former Deputy Commissioner of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, former Dean of Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance of the Far Eastern University, former Member of the Board of Accountancy, former Executive Director of PICPA, former

President of the ASEAN Federation of Accountants, and incumbent President of the Asian Institute of Taxation.