• Healthcare Professional

    Grow as persons and professionals in the most accessible way that meets your needs and fits your schedule. We provide courses useful to your practice and helpful in your development as well rounded individuals

  • Training Hospitals /Medical Trainees

    Learning can be easy and fun! Med Academy provides the platform for trainees to access learning modules…. exam online

  • Medical Societies

    Learning is now available to many and not just a few. With Med Academy as your portal, reach a wider audience for your society’s scientific conventions, post-graduate courses, and even small group discussions.

  • Hospitals, Ambulatory Centers and other Healthcare Delivery Organizations

    Connect with doctors within your organization and expand your network of colleagues in the healthcare industry. Med Academy is your practical and efficient avenue for orientations, service delivery trainings, and other information dissemination requirements.

  • Pharmaceutical Companies and other Corporations

    Reach them fast and reach them easy! Med Academy helps deliver information about your products and services to health care professionals who are busy and always on the go. We support you in providing value for health care professional through continuing medical education programs.