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Instructions for Enrollment Subscription for Courses.

  • First, click "Enroll Card".
  • MedAcademy will redirect you to a hosting page where you can enter your card credentials. After entering your credentials, it will return to the shopping cart. This process will charge a random amount from your account(will be refunded in verification) after a successful enrollment, then redirect you to the shopping cart.
  • After successfully enrolling your card, you need to verify your card for proof of ownership. click "Verify your Card" after entering the random amount charged to your card. If successful, the amount debited will be refunded to your account and the enrolled card will now be available for transaction.
  • You can now start the subscription for the courses in your cart. for first time transactions, you need to enter your CVV to the hosted page and after successful transaction, it will automatically charge your account based on the courses you've availed.
  • MedAcademy will automatically charge your account every 30 days after your subscription. if you wish to remove automatic charging, click "remove card". It will dismiss the automatic charging on your account.
  • If you wish to subscribe again to a course, the above procedures should be met.